Cooking with kids - what Doodle Cook is about!

 Cooking with kids and baking with kids is important to nurture them for a longer, healthier and wiser life, and this is where Doodle Cook comes in! Every child needs a strong bond with a significant adult in order to develop normally and cooking with kids or baking with kids can provide this. This bond gives the child a safe environment to learn about play & helps with understanding many of the interactions we experience in life. Plus, there is nothing more rewarding than a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning spent cooking with the kids. 


Teaching children in the kitchen is fun for kids and adults and rewards effort with tasty results! The whole process of shopping, measuring and mixing can develop all sorts of skills - from measuring and counting (maths) to understanding  'What is Yeast?' (science). These skills, learnt early in life help to give a child a deeper appreciation of where our food comes from and how it is made, leading them to a lifetime of better informed eating choices.

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Happy Cooking!

-- The Doodle Team

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